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The world's largest aluminum producer specification foam production line in Guangyuan

  发表日期:2011年8月13日          【编辑录入:admin】
    August 10, "I declare that: Nonferrous Metal Material Co., Ltd. Sichuan per TEDA formally completed and put into a project." Commissioning ceremony, Guangyuan Committee Secretary Luo Qiang announced.


  August 9, Guangyuan, Sichuan aluminum foam TEDA Yuan Yuan formally completed and put into a project to make up our R & D technology in the aluminum foam foam aluminum product of large-sized gaps. Guangyuan People's Congress Chairman Li Maosen, City Committee Chairman Wang will, Municipal Committee, Secretary-General Zou Jin, Yuan Fang, vice mayor attend the commissioning ceremony.

Jointly launched the crystal ball

The project is Guangyuan committee, the municipal government put forward the scientific reconstruction, reconstruction of low-carbon, the development of new industries, the implementation of a model of industrial upgrading is a major cooperation projects Guangyuan school is one of Guangyuan, the reconstruction industry projects. Sichuan yuan by the TEDA project with Central South University, Materials Science and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of collaborative R & D process, using slow-release foam casting method to achieve a fully automatic, continuous production of aluminum foam billets. Project started construction in June 2010, a project annual production capacity of 300,000 square meters, is the world's largest foam product specifications, the Japanese god of steel wire, South Korea's dream of seven small-scale materials, and domestic production line of annual sum of . After the completion of the project will achieve an annual output of 1.2 million square meters of aluminum foam, the sales income of 500 million yuan, annual profits of 50 million yuan to solve more than 300 jobs.

Military Artillery Beijing Jin Wei, Deputy Secretary on behalf of the first, Shaw, vice president of Central South University, Materials-wing speech, hope to seize the Guangyuan in-depth implementation of enterprise resources into, and vigorously promote the strong city of strategic opportunity, according to "strive for high, speed up development" tone work, bigger and stronger aluminum foam industry for building a better New Guangyuan make greater contributions.

Subsequently, Luo Qiang, Li Maosen, Wang and other leaders and guests will jointly launch a crystal ball, TEDA non-ferrous metal materials Co., Ltd. a project was officially put into operation.

Attachment: aluminum foam

Aluminum foam "sandwich" structure, with a light weight, high stiffness characteristics, can be used as excellent structural material. Such as: structural parts for the car, the weight is only half the steel structure, while the stiffness is increased 10-fold, according to reports about 20 percent of the automobile part of this structure can be used.

New building materials: aluminum foam is a new building and decoration materials, it has light weight, high stiffness, beautiful, not burning, etc., and both sound absorption, insulation, electromagnetic shielding characteristics. Therefore, aluminum foam can be widely used shopping malls, hotels, stadiums and other venues of architectural decoration.

Electromagnetic shielding materials: because of their excellent electromagnetic shielding, aluminum foam can be used for telecommunications, electronic equipment, computer room, television broadcasting equipment, electromagnetic shielding, to prevent radiation-induced electrical pulse effects EMP (the effect can be produced by burning the semiconductor or electronic data transmission losses caused confusion, and ultimately destroy the electronic equipment).

Insulation material: because of its low thermal conductivity, while a lightweight, high specific stiffness, not burning, etc., can be used as heat insulation, heat, cold materials.

Impact energy absorption material: because of its excellent impact energy absorption properties, can be used as anti-red car stalls, plant protection case, lift the safety mat, the aircraft shell sandwich (red slow shock wave) and spacecraft protective layer ( Space debris can be captured), etc.

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