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What is the aluminum foam? What are its applications!

  发表日期:2011年8月12日          【编辑录入:admin】

Aluminum foam is a pure aluminum or aluminum alloy in the additive, after the foaming process is made with both metal and bubble characteristics. It is density, high shock absorption ability, temperature resistance, fire performance, corrosion resistance, noise reduction, low thermal conductivity, high electromagnetic shielding, weather resistance, with filtering capabilities, easy processing, easy installation, high precision forming , can be surface coating.

     Aluminum foam with excellent physical properties, chemical and mechanical properties and recyclability. These excellent properties of aluminum foam in today's materials to the field of potential applications is very promising engineering materials development, particularly in the transportation industry and other industrial and structural aspects.

Introduction aluminum foam has excellent physical properties, chemical and mechanical properties and recyclability. These excellent properties of aluminum foam in today's materials to the field of potential applications is very promising engineering materials development, particularly in the transportation industry, aerospace industry and industrial building structures and so on.

□ Light: The density of 0.1-0.4 times for the aluminum;

□ high specific stiffness: the bending stiffness of steel is 1.5 times;

□ high damping performance and impact energy absorption rate: damping performance of 5-10 times for the aluminum. Porosity of 84% of aluminum foam 50% of variants occur, they can absorb more energy 2.5MJ/M3C.

□ good acoustic features: 1, sound insulation (closed cell): acoustic frequencies between 800-4000HZ, the closed-cell aluminum foam insulation coefficient of 0.9 or more. 2, acoustic performance (micro-vias and through-hole): 125 --- 4000HZ sound waves between the frequency, the through-hole aluminum foam sound absorption coefficient up to 0.8, and its octave average absorption coefficient above 0.4.

□ Excellent electromagnetic shielding performance: electromagnetic wave frequency between the 2.6-18GHZ, the foam aluminum shielding of up to 60-90dB.

□ good thermal properties: porosity was 80 --- 90% of closed-cell foam thermal conductivity of aluminum 0.3-1W / m # 8226; k, the equivalent of marble. Through-hole aluminum foam because of its interconnected pores in the forced convection conditions with good heat dissipation.

□ do not burn and there is good heat resistance. □ corrosion resistance, weather resistance, low moisture absorption, non-aging, non-toxic.

□ Easy processing: cutting, drilling, cementing easy; by molding can be bent into the desired shape; can be organic or inorganic paint surface; to both sides of the skin to form large-size light weight, high stiffness plate.

□ Easy installation: aluminum foam materials can be installed on high without mechanical lifting equipment, such as: ceiling roof, walls and roofs, or mechanical means can be used to connect directly and fixed with screws, adhesive paste can also be used in wall or ceiling.

□ sheet metal - foam aluminum - the metal sheet to form a "sandwich" structure inherited the superior performance of aluminum foam, and has high bending strength, can be used as new materials, high-rigidity structure, rolling stock parts.

□ The performance of multi-function compatibility.

□ larger diameter 0.3-7mm;

□ high and controlled porosity: 63% - 90%;

□ large surface area 10---45cm2/cm3;

□ pore structure diversity; closed-cell, micro-vias and through-hole aluminum foam;

□ metal frame composition and pore structure of control, able to adapt to different needs.

Sound absorption, sound insulation materials: aluminum foam can be used for light rail, elevated highways, underground tunnels, mechanical equipment, noise abatement and acoustic room, function rooms and other indoor sound effect improvements. Acoustic foam to concrete or steel aluminum paste on the vertical in the viaduct, light rail on both sides as a large sound-absorbing wall, can alleviate urban traffic noise. Aluminum foam insulation can be used to plant room, machinery and equipment, outdoor construction site noise isolation, to solve the widely used glass wool, asbestos and other sound-absorbing materials, many of the limitations.

Structural timber
Aluminum foam "sandwich" structure, with a light weight, high stiffness characteristics, can be used as excellent structural material. Such as: structural parts for the car, the weight is only half the steel structure, while the stiffness is increased 10-fold, according to reports about 20 percent of the automobile part of this structure can be used.

New Building Materials:

Aluminum foam is a new building and decoration materials, it has a light weight, high stiffness, beautiful, not burning, etc., and both sound absorption, insulation, electromagnetic shielding characteristics. Therefore, aluminum foam can be widely used shopping malls, hotels, stadiums and other venues of architectural decoration.

Electromagnetic shielding materials:

Because of their excellent electromagnetic shielding, aluminum foam can be used for telecommunications, electronic equipment, computer room, television broadcasting equipment, electromagnetic shielding, to prevent radiation-induced electrical pulse effects EMP (the effect can be produced by burning the semiconductor or data loss caused by electronic chaos, and ultimately destroy the electronic equipment).


Because of its low thermal conductivity, while a lightweight, high specific stiffness, not burning, etc., can be used as heat insulation, heat, cold materials.

Impact energy absorption material: because of its excellent impact energy absorption properties, can be used as anti-red car stalls, plant protection case, lift the safety mat, the aircraft shell sandwich (red slow shock wave) and spacecraft protective layer ( Space debris can be captured), etc. Cooperation: Technology shares.




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