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Aluminum foam production technology status and development trend

  发表日期:2011年8月12日          【编辑录入:admin】

Aluminum foam is a new functional materials, low-density conditions in the porous structure most effectively play its mechanical properties and structural performance.

Aluminum foam materials combine multiple functions, which is the traditional materials can not achieve. For example: low-density, high stiffness, high impact energy absorption, low conductivity, good damping and sound absorption properties, excellent thermal stability and fire resistance, heat does not occur when the gas and so on.

Aluminum foam by changing its density and pore structure needed to design and overall performance. This is the charm of this unique material. They have been widely used in many areas:

1 wide range of applications of aluminum foam, aluminum foam using low-density, high stiffness, sound insulation, heat insulation, fire resistance, energy absorption performance and gas and other properties when heated hold widely used in the rail industry. Such as cars and container compartment heat insulation, energy absorption and fire prevention, anti-virus components.

(2) the use of aluminum foam sound insulation, sound absorption and energy absorption performance, used for urban construction in the field of environmental protection, such as: noise barriers; automobile manufacturing industry in the energy-absorbing components and acoustic components, such as: bumper and muffler .

3, the use of aluminum foam of low density, high stiffness, low thermal conductivity, are widely used in energy-saving buildings, such as: insulation and fire walls across the hot, energy-saving move house.

4 can be used in military industry, acoustic and magnetic components, such as: tanks, submarines shell sandwich.

5 other machinery manufacturing, aerospace industry and other insulation products, insulation, vibration, energy absorption components can be used to produce aluminum foam.

This feature aluminum foam materials have been developed for industrial production, such as the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, South Korea.
Our country has dozens of units in the study of the industrial production of aluminum foam, but not yet put into a large-scale production, to produce a use-value products.

6 At present, countries have to do to promote aluminum foam insulation screen size is 1000mm × 100Omm × 1Omm aluminum foam density of 0.6, the price is 300 yuan / m2 on the market demand for 60000m2 / year.

7 sandwich: has a very promising potential market, at present, rail trains, are preparing to use aluminum foam sandwich panels are at the design stage, the annual requirement of (3 ~ 5) × 1000 tons.

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