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    Talent is the soul of business and development. Over the years, Yuan TEDA company solicit rivers, the meta-essence, a comprehensive introduction of all kinds of talent, human resource development, adhere to the concept of innovation, system of rules, comprehensive service, unity, for the talent to create an open, fair, equitable work environment and career stage, through the introduction of internal promotion and external talent combined with a sound human resource management mechanisms to promote outstanding talent, to achieve effective human resources development and rational allocation of people to achieve their appropriate place, post obtaining the people , two personnel of human resources management should aim.
Yuan TEDA talent
Talent is the fundamental enterprise development, is the first enterprise resource.
Talent is the most precious, your scarce resources.
Modern enterprise competition in the final analysis, is the talent competition. Who has the talent, who will occupy the commanding heights of competition in the market.
Yuan TEDA gathered elite professionals carrier.
Talent Strategy
Human resources strategy is the company an important part of strategic development. "People-oriented" is the company's human resources strategy to achieve the basic principles, "to attract talent, use and retain qualified personnel, the development of talent" talent strategy.
1) strong demand, Zhirenshanren;
2) people-oriented, merit-based;
3) human nature management, expertise and resources;
4) career development, and grow together;
5) benefits to people, the cause of keeping.
Human resource management mechanism
Scientific human resources management system is a fundamental guarantee for the company's talent strategy. Companies always adhere to the establishment of a sound human resource management mechanism, the formation of a "development, competition, motivation, elimination" of the employment mechanism for talented people to provide a broad professional development.
1) to attract talent
Nationally, the eclectic talents is satisfied, Bo Kai's full of creative passion of the young ages combined talents, through the introduction of the value of market-oriented personnel positioning system, the establishment of a competitive pay system.
2) use of personnel
A high degree of focus on the final results of the work, the company's heritage of fine style. Effective and results, to achieve the target, the company will be in Bo Kai continuously improved.

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